This article describes the formula syntax and usage of the DAYS function in Microsoft Excel. For information about the DAY function, see DAY function.


Returns the number of days between two dates.


DAYS(end_date, start_date)

The DAYS function syntax has the following arguments.

Note: Excel stores dates as sequential serial numbers so that they can be used in calculations. By default, Jan 1, 1900 is serial number 1, and January 1, 2008 is serial number 39448 because it is 39447 days after January 1, 1900.



Copy the example data in the following table, and paste it in cell A1 of a new Excel worksheet. For formulas to show results, select them, press F2, and then press Enter. If you need to, you can adjust the column widths to see all the data.

=DAYS(“15-MAR-2021″,”1-FEB-2021”)Finds the number of days between the end date (15-MAR-2021) and start date (1-FEB-2021). When you enter a date directly in the function, you need to enclose it in quotation marks. Result is 42.42
=DAYS(A2,A3)Finds the number of days between the end date in A2 and the start date in A3 (364).364

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