Mustak Unnabi Munan Earns Certification in Computer Office Applications

Mustak Unnabi Munan, son of Md. Abdul Halim and Marufa Begum, has successfully completed the Computer Office Applications Course offered by the Computer Solutions and Training Center. This achievement marks a significant step in Mustak’s journey towards developing valuable digital skills.

The comprehensive program equipped Mustak with the necessary knowledge and expertise to navigate the functionalities of Microsoft Office Applications. This essential software suite includes widely used programs like:

  • Microsoft Word: A powerful tool for creating, editing, and formatting professional documents, letters, and reports.
  • Microsoft Excel: A versatile program for data analysis, organization, and performing complex calculations through spreadsheets.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Enables the development of compelling presentations for effective communication and visual storytelling.

Mustak has demonstrably grasped the core functionalities of these programs. He has honed his skills in:

  • Document Creation and Editing: Effectively utilizing features like formatting, layout, and collaboration tools within Word.
  • Spreadsheet Management: Confidently performing data entry, calculations, and analysis using Excel’s extensive functionalities.
  • Presentation Design: Creating impactful presentations with the ability to incorporate multimedia elements within PowerPoint.

Remarkable Typing Proficiency: Mustak has achieved commendable typing speeds in both Bangla (25 WPM) and English (30 WPM), further solidifying his foundation in computer literacy.

Academic Excellence: His dedication to learning is reflected in his outstanding CGPA of 5.00, highlighting his commitment to academic achievement.

Registration Number: 20222488

Earning this certification signifies Mustak’s acquired proficiency in essential computer applications. This newly acquired skillset equips him to navigate the digital landscape with greater confidence and opens doors to various career opportunities that increasingly demand a strong foundation in digital literacy.

Quote from Mustak

I’ve been a student at Computer Solutions and Training Center and I highly recommend them!
They offer a comprehensive computer basics course that provided me with a strong foundation in essential computer skills. After completing the basic course, I was confident enough to enroll in their graphic design program.
The instructors at CSTC are knowledgeable and patient, making the learning experience enjoyable and effective. They were always available to answer questions and provide support.
Overall, I’m very satisfied with my experience at CSTC. They offer high-quality training at a reasonable price, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their computer skills.

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