Mohammad Emon Hossen: Completes 6 month computer course certificate Under National Skill Standard Basic (360 Hours)

Mohammad Emon Hossen, son of Jahangir Hossen and Hasina Begum, residing in Comilla, has achieved a remarkable feat by successfully completing the Computer Office Application Course offered by Computer Solutions and Training Center. This computer training certificate in Bangladesh, obtained under the National Skill Standard Basic (360 Hours) 6-Month Course Training, marks a significant milestone in his journey towards enhancing his computer proficiency.

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Student InformationDetails
NameMohammad Emon Hossen
Parent’s NamesJahangir Hossen (Father), Hasina Begum (Mother)
Institute NameComputer Solutions and Training Center
CourseNational Skill Standard Basic (360 Hours) 6 Months Course Training in Computer Office Application
Software NameMicrosoft Office Application
Bangla Typing Speed23
English Typing Speed28
Passing YearJuly-December 2022
Topics CoveredMs Word, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint, Ms Access, Internet Essentials, Troubleshooting
Starting Date01/07/2022
Closing Date31/12/2022
Registration NumberJuly-December 2022

Commencing on July 1st, 2022, and concluding on December 31st, 2022, the course curriculum encompassed a comprehensive range of topics including Microsoft Office Applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Access, alongside essential internet skills and troubleshooting techniques. Emon’s dedication and commitment throughout the course period were reflected in his outstanding performance, culminating in an impressive CGPA of 5.00 and earning him the esteemed Grade A+.

computer operator job experience certificate

One of Emon’s notable achievements during the course was his exceptional typing proficiency, boasting a Bangla typing speed of 23 words per minute and an English typing speed of 28 words per minute. This newfound capability will undoubtedly enhance his efficiency in various professional settings, particularly in the banking sector, where quick and accurate typing skills are indispensable.

Emon’s motivation to pursue the Computer Office Application Course stemmed from his aspiration to excel in the field of banking. Having graduated from Southeast University, he recognized the importance of acquiring advanced computer skills, particularly proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, to thrive in today’s competitive job market.

Throughout the duration of the course, Emon exhibited exemplary competence in various facets of computer applications. He demonstrated the ability to create professionally designed CVs, showcasing his adeptness in MS Word. Additionally, his proficiency in MS Excel enabled him to proficiently handle financial functions, a vital skillset for aspiring bankers.

Furthermore, Emon showcased his adeptness in MS PowerPoint, possessing a keen understanding of presentation techniques that are crucial for effective communication in professional environments. His proficiency in AI and internet browsing further underscores his versatility and adaptability in navigating modern technological landscapes.

The successful completion of the Computer Office Application Course has equipped Emon with a robust foundation of computer skills that will undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for his future endeavors. Whether in the banking sector or any other professional domain, Emon’s proficiency in computer applications will undoubtedly set him apart and pave the way for a successful career trajectory.

As Emon embarks on his journey towards realizing his aspirations, we extend our heartfelt congratulations on his remarkable achievement. May he continue to strive for excellence and scale greater heights in all his future endeavors. Wishing him abundant success and fulfillment in his professional pursuits.

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